108 Heroes Slot Review

    108 Heroes is a Video Slot released in 2016 by Microgaming. The game developers were inspired by a famous Chinese novel – “Water Margins”. All the actions take place in the 12th century during the Song dynasty.

    Actually, the 108 heroes were a band of some outlaws led by Song Jiang. The 108 companions were protecting the poor population and were against the government.

    In the course of the time, more people joined the band, including militaries & civil officials, because of the corrupt government. The story ends with a lot of victories, but also a lot of tragedies. In the end, the band was dissolved, but their heroic deeds remained in the history.

    The Slot Machine has:

    • 5 reels
    • 3 rows
    • 15 paylines (from left to right)

    The slot’s style fits the Chinese theme. The background is filled with Sakura flowers. The accompanied melody, with a Chinese vibe, is breathtaking and keeps the players on their toes. The character symbols are drawn very accurately, hence they correspond perfectly to the story. Everything is done with taste & respect to the glorious novel!

    The Return to Player (RTP) is 96.66% and the Volatility is low. The slot game offers good payouts. The spin outcomes are absolutely fair. The slot operates with the help of a certified Random Number Generator (RNG). Microgaming complies with all the legit policies.

    The demo version of the game (free play) is available on many best online casinos or slot review sites. Anyone can spin the reels with no deposits. If the player wants to win real cash prizes, then he/she must already deposit in real money. Higher bets – bigger prizes!

    108 Heroes Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Medium volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.15 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    45 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The 108 Heroes Slot has 8 regular symbols: 5 character symbols (outlaws) & 3 card suit symbols. The first 5 pay high and the last 3 pay low. The character symbols were designed scrupulously in order to fit the theme of the slot. Each character has their own special weapon and their own fighting style.  

    The 108 Heroes Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The highest value has the samurai warrior with golden armor, most probably the gang leader. Let’s place a maximum bet – £75. If 3 symbols land on the reels, the player will get £250. If 4 symbols – £500. If 5 symbols – £2 500. This is really big payouts in comparison with other slot games.

    The low-paying symbols are the card suit symbols: Ace, King & Queen. Obviously, the Queen Card Symbol has the lowest value. If 3 symbols align – £10, 4 symbols – £75, 5 symbols – £375.

    The value of Winning Combinations changes according to the size of the bet. The combination must coincide to one of the 15 paylines. The number of paylines is fixed.

    Furthermore, there are 3 special symbols, which trigger prizes & bonus games: the Treasure Chest Symbol, the Bonus Scatter Symbol & the Wild Symbol.

    108 Heroes Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    The 108 Heroes provides players with a lot of bonus features, which are very generous & welcoming! The King’s Treasure Chest contains 12 prizes & the gambler can get up to 2 500 coins. The user can pick 3, 4 or 5 prizes depending on how many chests landed on the reels. The bonus game is also available during the Free Spins mode.

    King’s Treasure Bonus Game prize range:

    • 3 Treasure Chest Symbols = 180 – 1 500 coins
    • 4 Treasure Chest Symbols = 240 – 2 000 coins
    • 5 Treasure Chest Symbols = 300 – 2 500 coins

    There is a possibility to win up to 120 000 coins in the Free Spin mode! Let’s see how. In order to win Free Spins, 3/4/5 Bonus Scatter Symbols must line up in a row. The Bonus Scatter Symbols is represented by the Liang Mountain landscape. All the Winning Combinations are multiplied by x3 (tripled!) during the Free Spins mode. Also, landing at least 2 of the Scatters, brings satisfying payouts. The Scatters pay at any position on the reels.

    Free Spins Winning Combinations (payouts):

    • 2 Bonus Scatters = 150 coins
    • 3 Bonus Scatters = 300 coins
    • 4 Bonus Scatters = 3 750 coins
    • 5 Bonus Scatters = 30 000 coins

    And the last bonus is the Wild Symbol. The Wild Symbol is a regular one, represented by the game logo. This special symbol also brings payouts. What a pleasure!

    WILD Winning Combinations (payouts):

    • 2 Wilds = 25 coins
    • 3 Wilds = 1 000 coins
    • 4 Wilds = 10 000 coins
    • 5 Wilds = 37 500 coins

    How to Play

    Still got questions how to play the 108 Heroes Slot? The strategy is simple. Follow these easy steps & enjoy!

    First of all, the user must decide what bet size to choose. The minimum bet is £0.01/spin. The maximum bet is £75/spin. Too small & too high stakes are not recommended. The user must understand that gambling is always risky & tricky, therefore he/she must place a suitable bet. The coin’s range is from 0.01 to 5.

    108 Heroes Slot Machine - How to Play

    In the second place, if you are a beginner, it is strongly recommended to read the Game Rules & survey the Game Panel. There you can find how to calculate the game & line payouts, general policies, game instructions, etc. Any bugs and technical issues should be reported to the casino’s Customer Service/Support.

    After all, the user can press the “Spin” button to kick off the mechanism. The reels can spin without the user’s help, just click the Autoplay option, choose how many rounds to be autoplayed (10, 25, 50, 100) & have fun. The Autoplay can be stopped at any moment.

    Those who are interested in playing on-the-go can relax, because the mobile version of the game is available on many online casino sites, that support HTML5. Some casino applications also offer this game. The supported platforms: Android & iOS.

    Steps to play on-the-go:

    • Open the smartphone’s web-browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.)
    • Enter the used casino site
    • Find the game
    • Have a good time!


    The 108 Heroes Video Slot is a high-paying Microgaming product. The game doesn’t have a complex bonus program, but still there are all the chances to get the BIG WIN – up to 120 000 coins! The slot has dropping Wilds, Free Spins & King’s Treasure Chests. The Chinese spirit is totally felt. Join the heroic band and start to help those in need. Open your favorite slot site & become another hero!

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