Eastern Emeralds Slot Review

    Eastern Emeralds is an Asian-themed Video Slot developed by Quickspin. The release year is 2018. The creators were inspired by Chinese culture.

    The overall style of the slot machine has a lot of details & figures taken from their culture, like the Chinese dragon, Koy fish, tortoise, Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, Fenghuang (Chinese phoenix) and so on.

    All these things represent important symbols for the Chinese population. For example, the dragons are some legendary creatures from their national folklore and symbolize: power, strength & luck. The Koy fish stands for harmony & wealth. The tortoise embodies the universe.

    The 3 golden coins with a red ribbon attract the wealthy luck. And the phoenix indicates the union of yin and yang. Quickspin have joined together all the Chinese symbols, which have positive connotations, in order to boost the player’s luck!

    The slot machine has:

    • 5 reels
    • 3 rows
    • 20 paylines (from left to right)

    The visuals of the slot game are pretty simple, but still very satisfying. It has a classic look. The background melody carries out the Asian spirit. The slot’s atmosphere is fulfilling. Those, who admire this culture, will enjoy spinning the reels of Eastern Emeralds!

    The Return to Player (RTP) is 96.58% and the Volatility is high. This means it is a hard-hitting slot. The big wins won’t come so often. The maximum win is up to x1 680 of the Wilds! All the game outcomes are completely random, because the machine operates with the help of a certified Random Number Generator (RNG).  

    The newbies can try the demo version of the slot. It is a free play, which requires no deposits. This version can be found on many best online casinos.

    Eastern Emeralds Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Low volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.2 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    100 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Eastern Emeralds has 10 regular symbols: 5 symbols pay high & 5 symbols pay low. Obviously, the high-paying icons represent the lucky Chinese symbols. All of these icons are made of gold, in order to show their value. The low-paying icons are the common card game ranks.  

    Eastern Emeralds Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Game Symbols from the highest value to the lowest:

    • Chinese Dragon Symbol
    • Koy Fish Symbol
    • Tortoise Symbol
    • Oriental Trinket Symbol
    • Chinese Coins Symbol
    • Ace Card Symbol
    • King Card Symbol
    • Queen Card Symbol
    • Jack Card Symbol
    • 10 Card Symbol

    The most lucrative symbol is the Chinese Dragon Symbol. Let’s see the amount of the Winning Combinations, when the bet is €100 (max). If 3 dragons fall on the reels, the player will get €125. If 4 dragons – €300. If 5 – €750.

    The last 3 low-paying symbols (Queen, Jack, 10) have the same value. So, 3 aligned symbols equal €25, 4 symbols to €50 & 5 symbols to €125.

    Eastern Emeralds Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    The Eastern Emeralds Slot has an inviting bonus strategy with a lot of WILD Multipliers. This is one of the few slot games, which offers so many multipliers. The Multiplier Wild Symbol (x2, x3, x4, x5) can pop up anywhere on the reels. In case 2 or more symbols form a Winning Combination, these symbols are being multiplied by each other.

    The WILD payouts:

    • 3 symbols = €125
    • 4 symbols = €300
    • 5 symbols = €750

    The most interesting feature of the slot is the Destiny Bonus. It is a bonus game, which can be activated, when 3 Bonus Scatter symbols (represented by a phoenix) appear on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th reels. The phoenix rises from the fire and the player must choose one of the 4 available Free Spins options. Fewer spins – higher risk.

    Free Spins options:

    • 6 Free Spins + up to x1680 Multiplier (high risk)
    • 9 Free Spins + up to x840 Multiplier (medium to high risk)
    • 12 Free Spins + up to x360 Multiplier (medium risk)
    • 15 Free Spins + up to x120 Multiplier (low risk)

    As you can see, the 1st option of the Destiny Bonus is the riskiest one. It implies the corresponding Wild Multipliers: x5 (2nd reel), x6 (3rd reel), x7 (4th reel), x8 (5th reel). The reels written in the parentheses show, where the symbol can appear.

    The 2nd option with 9 Free Spins has a medium to high risk. It implies x4 (2nd reel), x5 (3rd reel), x6 (4th reel), x7 (5th reel) multipliers.

    The 12 Free Spins variant is not so risky. The Wild Multipliers involved in this bonus game are: x3 (2nd reel), x4 (3rd reel), x5 (4th reel), x6 (5th reel).

    And the last option has the lowest risk level. The player gets 15 Free Spins and all the chances to multiply the Wilds up to x120! The Winning Combinations can be formed by: x2 (2nd reel), x3 (3rd reel), x4 (4th reel), x5 (5th reel) multipliers.

    How to Play

    This part of the slot review is intended for those, who don’t know how to play Eastern Emeralds. CasinoCredo designed a couple of small tips to help.

    Eastern Emeralds Slot Machine - How to Play

    Everyone should get acquainted with the rules of the game & check the Player Controls (Spin, Quickspin, Autoplay, etc.). The next step is to think about a suitable bet size. The user must evaluate his real capabilities, so that later he/she does not regret the high placed stakes. Try to choose something in-between. The minimum bet is €0.20/spin. The maximum bet is €100/spin. Deposit real money & get real cash prizes!

    After all these actions, press the Spin button or set the basic Autoplay (from 10 to 1000 automatic spins). There are also Autoplay Advanced Settings, where the user can fix even more elements, like the loss limit (x5 bet, x20 bet, x50 bet, etc.) & the single win limit (x10 bet, x25 bet, x75 bet, etc.). All the settings can be customized by the user.  

    The mobile version of the slot was also elaborated. The players can play on-the-go, if their mobile’s web-browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) supports HTML5. It adapts to any screen size (smartphone/tablet). Enter the slot site in your browser, search the Eastern Emeralds Slot & have fun!


    Eastern Emeralds is a Quickspin Video Slot released in 2018. The game is full of Wild Multipliers, that can generate Epic Wins! But it is considered a frustrating slot, because the Volatility is high. The adrenaline lovers, which like taking risks, will definitely enjoy playing it. A big plus is that the players can choose the preferred Free Spins option. Open your online casino website & spin looking at the Oriental pagodas.

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