Game of Thrones Slot Review

    Game of Thrones has gained its success due to the famous show directed by George Martin. With an army of millions of fans keen on the world filled with magic and tales, the story tells about the houses of Lannister, Westerton, Stark and Targarten, Baratheon fighting for the throne.

    Microgaming has created arguably the most ambitious adaptation of the TV series converting the show’s army of fans into potential players of this slot game. The gaming process envisages acquaintance with the TV series, though the slot can still be played without any prior ground in the show’s plot.

    Unlike traditional slots, slot is a 5 reels virtual slot machine, while the player is eligible to choose between fifteen pay lines and Game of Thrones 243 ways. This game has become the choice of countless people and a good reason for that is the high return-per-player rating (hereinafter RTP). Depending on the casino, the RTP oscillates between 94.86% and 95%. The minimum slot’s bet is 0.3 US dollar, otherwise a higher roller path should be chosen with 30 US dollars bet. The maximum available payout of 60 000 coins.

    The player is entitled to join any of the sides fighting for the Iron Throne and attempt taking the throne to himself. The payouts are resolved at the point matching symbols are found. The most ferocious and principal players playing real money while in the battle get the chance of winning amazing bonuses, such as:

    • Wild bonus,
    • stacked Wild bonus,
    • scatter Bonus,
    • free spins bonus
    • incredible Gamble Feature

    In terms of gameplay scenario, the GoT slot is very simple and intuitive. Playing either the original or the Game of Thrones or the 243 Ways’ mode is easy, while the second is much more rewarding when it comes to payouts. The game can be played on any device regardless of the platform in use – Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS or any other will offer the same features. MicroGaming has always been famous for its cross-platform usability designed to suit both in-house and outdoors gaming experience. Most popular online casino sites have this slot game in their portfolio.

    Game of Thrones Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Medium volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.3 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    6 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    In terms of symbols, it is worthy to point out their relatively small amount. Players will not find most popular characters, such as Jon Snow or dragons and will be proposed to use card values instead. Ace, King, Queen and Jack are coming along with the four houses’ symbols – Targaryen, Lannister, Stark and Baratheon. Associatively, the houses have symbolic animals attributed, such as a stag, a lion, a dragon and a dire wolf. The symbol of the Game of Thrones logo is the Wild. It can substitute other symbols and is a major element in creating desired winning combinations.

    Game of Thrones Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Game of Thrones Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    Free spins can be enjoyed upon getting the scatter symbol that features the Iron Throne itself. The scatter symbol, if the player has at least three of these, triggers a bonus game. The second screen will open so that the player can choose one house and can enjoy diversified free bonuses as these are individual for each house. Apart from the aforementioned ones, players are entitled to benefit of others as shown below:

    • Lannister – 10 free spins under a 4 times multiplier, including a 4 stacked House symbol on top;
    • Targaryen – 18 free spins under a 3 times multiplier and a 4 stacked House symbol;
    • Baratheon – 8 free spins under a 5 times multiplier, and a 3 stacked House symbol;
    • Stark – 14 free spins under a 3 times multiplier, and a 4 stacked House symbol.
    • stacked Wilds – when this symbol is stacked, it takes more room on the wheel and helps to generate more wins;
    • multiple random prizes and bonuses – the scatter might sometimes generate a dragon’s egg, which multiplies the bet 2 and respectively 4 times;
    • 2 scatter symbols – the player is entitled to scatter bonus, meaning a random multiplication of the player’s stake;

    Overall, the bonuses system is rich and flexible. Even for an almost missed 2 scatter symbols the player gets a bonus. Given the high RTP rating, this slot appears to be very lucrative for players who enjoy playing real money and looking for a big win.

    How to Play

    Factually, this slot is so simple that even players who have not watched the GoT series are quickly grasping the way it works, so questions like how to play it rarely appear. Players with experience in MicroGaming slots would immediately notice the similarity between the GoT and the Forbidden Throne slot. A crucial difference is the absence of multiple visual effects and an increased number of house banners on the first. The Game of Thrones 243 Ways mode allows increasing the number of payouts while offering a chance to collect more wins for symbols.

    Game of Thrones Slot Machine - How to Play

    With an army of fans, the GoT is vastly covered and reviewed on the net. Judging by the players’ feedback, the slot is very easy to use. The button used to spin the wheel is somehow removed from the main screen to the right part of it. Also, an auto spin option is available, fact enjoyed by players.

    Those who prefer to try the slot before betting actual money, the demo version is available for testing. This is the best way of getting acquainted with the game, as well as trailers for this video slot and slot review. The demo mode does not allow winning real prizes; however, some casinos offer no deposit bonus codes for the Game of Thrones that allow it.


    Most slot sites and online casinos have the GoT or the Game of Thrones 243 Ways version in their arsenal. This video slot is tremendously popular with an audience exceeding the fans of this HBO show. Same as other MicroGaming slots, this slot features great graphics and outstanding animation technology that is fully compatible with both stand-alone and mobile devices. The musical side is also worth mentioning since it truly delivers the medieval atmosphere and boosts the quality of the gaming process. It is a firm A for the development agency, this being the reason that any world’s best online casino hosts it. With multiple prizes, bonus offers and free play offers, the Game of Thrones slot is capable of offering an unforgettable gaming experience supported by impressive wins. In a nutshell, the popularity of the slot relies upon:

    • the popularity of the TV show,
    • possibility to choose between two distinct game variations – 15 pay lines or 243 ways,
    • easy intuitive gaming process,
    • excellent quality video graphics, musical background and seamless animations,
    • a rich player-friendly bonus system.
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