Joker Strike Slot Review

    Joker Strike is a cheerful Quickspin Video Slot released in 2018. This slot is not about the Joker from the movies, which is a supervillain, but about the classical Joker, namely a jester. These people were entertaining the rich, especially the guests of the monarch. Jesters were wearing colored clothes & bizarre hats.

    The Joker icon in the slot game perfectly illustrates a Jester’s typical appearance. Their entertainment program included: telling jokes, storytelling in a comic manner, doing magic tricks, singing, etc. The Joker Strike Slot will brighten anyone’s day, because of the rewarding bonuses & captivating Hi Roller modes.

    The Slot Machine has:

    • 5 reels
    • 3 rows
    • 10 paylines (from left to right)

    At first glance, the slot looks simple, but it has unique features that will blow your mind. The visuals are satisfying & the symbols are common. But the payouts are really generous! The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 96.46% (base game) and the Volatility is medium-high level. During the Hi Roller modes, which are 3, the RTP’s range is from 97.89% to 98.11%. That’s indeed a high payout rate! This point already makes this slot stand out among other slot games.    

    Quickspin is a trustful gaming provider, therefore no doubts about the slot’s veracity. The game outcomes are created by a certified Random Number Generator (RNG). Everything is 100% legit.

    In order to preview all the bonus games & features, the player can check the Promotional Video placed on the official Quickspin slot site or try the demo version of the slot. It is a free play, which implies no deposits.

    Joker Strike Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Medium to high volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.1 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    100 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    As it was said in the 1st part of the slot review, the Joker Strike’s symbols are well-known & universal. There are 8 regular symbols: 4 pay high & 4 pay medium. And there is also 1 special symbol – the regular Wild Symbol.

    Joker Strike Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Game Symbols from the highest value to the lowest:

    • Joker Symbol
    • Lucky Red Seven Symbol
    • Golden Star Symbol
    • Silver Bell Symbol
    • Red Hearts Symbol
    • Purple Spades Symbol
    • Green Clubs Symbol
    • Blue Diamonds Symbol

    The highest valuable symbol is the Joker Symbol. If the bet is €100 (max), 3 lined up symbols will give the player €1 000. If 4 symbols – €3 000. If 5 symbols – €10 000!

    The least valuable symbol is the Blue Diamonds Symbol. The Diamonds’ payoffs will be: 3 symbols – €80, 4 symbols – €120, 5 symbols – €240.

    During the Hi Roller modes, the size of the Winning Combinations is fixed and cannot be changed according to the bet size. Here, the Joker Symbol has corresponding payouts: 3 symbols – €20, 4 symbols – €60, 5 symbols – €200.

    Joker Strike Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    Joker Strike has a very special entertainment strategy, so keep your eyes on the prize! Get ready to try the royal modes & receive some cash.

    Slot’s Bonuses:

    • Joker Strike feature
    • Hi Roller modes (3)
    • WILD payouts

    The Joker Strike feature is activated, when a Winning Combination is formed on the reels. All around the reels, an outer wheel appears. The indicating marker moves along this wheel and randomly stops on a symbol. If this symbol matches with the symbols, which formed the Winning Combination, more identical symbols will be added to the reels (from 6 to 10 extra symbols). As a result, the amount of the gain will increase considerably!

    The number of extra symbols depends on the length of the Winning Combination:

    • 3 symbols = 6 extra symbols
    • 4 symbols = 8 extra symbols
    • 5 symbols = 10 extra symbols

    Next are the Hi Roller modes! There are 3 modes, each of them has a fixed price & special features, like Free Spins, Wilds, Double Chances, etc.

    • 1stmode (€20) = 5 Free Spins + Guaranteed Wild
    • 2ndmode (€30) = 5 Free Spins + Guaranteed Wild + Wild Strike
    • 3rdmode (€50) = 5 Free Spins + Guaranteed Wild + Wild Strike + Double Chance

    In two words, a Guaranteed Wild means that a Wild Symbol will definitely be added to the reels. A Wild Strike, means 2 Wild symbols will be added to the reels. A Double Chance increases the chances of activating the Joker Strike feature, by adjoining an extra marker on the outer wheel.  

    The Wild payouts (during base game/Hi Roller game):

    • Base Game:
    • 3 symbols = €1 000
    • 4 symbols = €3 000
    • Hi Roller Game:
    • 3 symbols = €20
    • 4 symbols = €60
    • 5 symbols = €200

    How to Play

    Still have questions – “How to play Joker Strike?” – then follow these simple instructions & become a professional Hi-spinner.

    Firstly, the user should go over the Game Rules & get acknowledged with the Player Controls (Spin, Autoplay, Quickspin, Settings, etc.) by testing the main buttons on the slot machine. You can try to do it on a demo slot.

    Secondly, the user should think carefully about the bet size. Playing with real money must be treated properly, so be sure to evaluate your financial possibilities accurately. It is always recommended to choose something in-between. The minimum bet is €0.10/spin. The maximum bet is €100/spin. Play the Hi Roller modes just in the case you can afford them.

    Lastly, in order to start the game, press the “Spin” button or set the Autoplay option. Also, Advanced Autoplay Settings are available. This means, not just the number of plays can be chosen, but the total session loss limit (x5 bet, x20 bet, x50 bet, etc.) and the single win limit (x10 bet, x25 bet, x75 bet, etc.) also. When one of the chosen settings exceeds, the Autoplay immediately stops.

    Joker Strike is 100% mobile-friendly! The users can spin the reels, while being on the road or laying on the couch. It adapts to any screen/size (tablet/smartphone). Open your online casino site via mobile’s web-browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and have a good time.  


    Joker Strike is an awesome Video Slot released in 2018. It is also an improved version of the Second-Strike Slot. The Quickspin gaming provider has enhanced the visuals and has created a completely new aspect of the slot machine. They have managed to combine common symbols with cutting-edge features. The maximum WIN is up to x1 211 of the user’s bet! The player will adore the Joker’s bonuses, especially the Wild Strikes & the Double Chances. Find the slot on many best online casinos & enjoy High-Rolling!

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