Kitty Glitter Slot Review

    Kitty Glitter is an animal-themed Video Slot released by International Game Technology PLC (IGT) in 2010 & lastly updated in 2012. The developers have created another slot about cats. There are a huge variety of cat breeds, and each has its own temperament and unique features. Just like people. For example, the Persian cats are calm.

    They are imposingly studying the world around them & are strongly attached to the owner. Whereas the Siamese ones are very curious, unpredictable and prone to jealousy. Felinologists say that we choose pets for a reason & according to certain patterns. In this slot game, the reels are filled with the main cat breeds, so that everyone was satisfied!

    The Slot Machine has:

    • 5 reels
    • 3 rows
    • 30 paylines (from left to right)

    The quality of the slot is delightful, but considering its classic style and year of release, it’s stunning. Maybe a new game update will appear soon or the provider will decide to leave everything as it is, especially for the classic slot fans or newbies. During the spinning of the reels or getting the wins, the corresponding sounds drop in. The game has an easy & straightforward gameplay strategy.

    The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is from 93.51% to 94.92%. The RTP varies during main & bonus games. The Volatility is medium/high. The gamblers will receive winnings not so often, but in great amounts. The jackpot can reach the amount of $500 000! Don’t underestimate these cute fluffy felines. All game outcomes are absolutely random & legit. It’s all thanks to the certified Random Number Generator (RNG). Any malfunction should be reported to the slot site’s Customer Service/Support.

    The reels of Kitty Glitter can be spun for free. Just access a suitable online casino site & open the demo version of the game. It requires no deposits & no registrations. But it means no real money rewards.

    Kitty Glitter Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    High volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.3 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    300 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The IGT slot is composed of 9 regular symbols & 2 special symbols. The high-paying symbols represent various cat breeds, while the low-paying symbols are some card game ranks. A Winning Combination is formed, when 3+ identical symbols align according to one of the existing paylines. The number of paylines can be adjusted – 1, 5, 9, 15 or 30. The payouts are shown in coins.

    Kitty Glitter Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Game Symbols from the highest value to the lowest:

    • Persian Cat Symbol
    • Tabby Cat Symbol
    • Calico Cat Symbol
    • Siamese Cat Symbol
    • Ace Card Symbol
    • King Card Symbol
    • Queen Card Symbol
    • Jack Card Symbol
    • 10 Card Symbol

    The Persian Cat, which is considered one of the noblest breeds, has the highest value. The player will receive corresponding payouts: 3 symbols – 30 coins, 4 symbols – 300 coins, 5 symbols – 1000 coins.  

    The K, Q, J & 10 Card Symbols have the lowest (same) payouts. If 3 identical symbols of one kind line up, the player will get 5 coins. If 4 symbols – 20 coins. If 5 symbols – 100 coins.

    Special Symbols:

    1. Kitty Glitter Symbol (game logo) – WILD
    2. Bowl of Diamonds – SCATTER
    3. Diamond Symbol

    Kitty Glitter Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    Kitty Glitter has a few bonus features, but that doesn’t mean that the game isn’t lucrative. It is actually very fruitful & money-making! There are 2 basic bonus features: Wilds & Free Spins. The odds of getting cash prizes or certain bonus features are not influenced by bet/balance size, time of day & other similar factors. The chances are always the same.

    Slot’s Bonuses:

    • Wilds
    • Cats turn WILD
    • Free Spins

    The regular Wild Symbol is represented by the Kitty Glitter game logo. It covers all of the symbols, except the Scatter one. It forms Winning Combinations by itself or along with regular symbols during the main game. The Wilds boost the player’s rewards.

    The Bowl of Diamonds, which stands for the Bonus Scatter Symbol, triggers Free Spins. When 3 bowls land anywhere on the middle 3 reels, 15 Free Spins are awarded. Free Spins give away a lot of cash prizes! It can be triggered not just once – up to 225 Free Spins per bonus.

    The Diamond Symbol keeps popping up during the Free Spin mode. Each cat has its personal color of the diamond. For example: Persian – red, Tabby – purple, Calico – green, Siamese – blue. When it pops up on the 5th reel, it is collected & placed in special on-screen cells. After the first 3 diamonds are accumulated, the Persian Cat Symbol turns Wild & remains Wild on reels 2 through 5 till the end of the bonus game. Moreover, every extra set of 3 diamonds turns Wild into the next cat.

    • 3 Diamonds = Persian turns Wild
    • 6 Diamonds = Tabby turns Wild
    • 9 Diamonds = Calico turns Wild
    • 12 Diamonds = Siamese turns Wild  

    When the Free Spin mode ends, all of the on-screen accumulators are discharged.

    How to Play

    How to play Kitty Glitter? If you still don’t know how to spin without stress, then this part of the slot review is for you. Become a virtuoso in rolling with CasinoCredo!

    Kitty Glitter Slot Machine - How to Play

    It is strongly recommended, especially to beginners & slot amateurs, to read the Game Rules before taking a start. Then, the users should go through all the options available, like Autospin, Lines, Line Bet, etc. It can be done in a free play (demo).  

    Next, the users have to choose a convenient bet size. The minimum bet is $0.01/spin. The maximum bet is $150/spin. Rash betting is discouraged. Be sure to think about your bet size.

    Lastly, the users can press the Spin button, when they are ready to kick off. Those, who are fed up rolling mechanically, can set the Autospin option by selecting the number of autoplayed rounds – from 10 to 50.

    It has an optimal mobile version too. Access one of the best online casinos via HTML5 web-browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) & have fun!


    Kitty Glitter is a cat-themed IGT slot released in 2010. The machine is similar to the classic types of the slot games, but with some certain upgrades. There are crispy visuals & remunerative payouts. Persian, Tabby, Calico & Siamese cats can not only lift up your moods, but also turn WILD. The players can receive up to 225 Free Spins per bonus & up to $500 000. Go & have a try!

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