Natural Powers Slot Game Review

    Natural Powers slot game by IGT Wager Works is claimed to be one of the most unusual games ever released by this famous game development agency. As probably known, this gaming development company has a long-lasting history dating back to the 1960s’ and the era of real casinos. Even today, their slot games are often featuring lower return to player indexes (RTP) and somehow obsolete graphics, if comparing to other industry monsters. This particular slot is a remake of the famous Transformers Battle for the Cybertrone game featuring the grid of 5 reels with 40 Ways to Win paylines. With coins used to in-game purposes, these are started from as low as 0.6 US dollars, hence making it comfortable for players who like the action just as much as the huge cash outs. In terms of lucrativeness, this slot is said to deliver continuous, yet usually small payouts – just a typical thing for a slot labelled as having low to medium variance. Apart from robot-theme, the game somehow incorporates the Oriental theme with its 4 elements’ system – Wind, Fire, Ice and Earth. Graphics, despite being super modern, are still very decent. Per general, the design quality for Natural Powers is impressive and definitely outpaces most games’ release by IGT.

    The game uses coins valued from 0.6 to 600 US dollars – such a wide range makes it a perfect choice for many players regardless of their preferences. The jackpot amount is set at 4 000 coins – which is 2 400 000 US dollars, a huge amount that is very appealing. Given the bonus round is present, Wilds are on board, and the RTP of the game is set at probably highest figure of 96.47% – definitely highest ratio within their games – all of these should look like good preconditions for a decent pay out. Slot review posts and player feedbacks confirm it. Hitting the jackpot is almost impossible, however impressive rewards are guaranteed. The game is packed with many interesting features that can incentivize any player. Free spins, bonus round, unusual Free Fall symbols’ feature and many other will not leave any player disappointed. Every spin offer player a chance to be elaborated several times. Matching symbols disappear after the spin, while the empty spots are immediately occupied by falling symbols. For the first time, this feature has been used in their Da Vinci Diamonds slot and is a feature patented by the team.  The multiplier for bonus free spins round it set at 5-15 to 2-10x.

    With everything said above, this game is deemed as being very lucrative. The best strategy is counting mostly on bonus game rounds and free spins as within these spins Free Fall Symbols feature is applied, as well as impressive multipliers. During the base game round profits are mostly small-sized, while free spins’ rounds can provide from 20x to 30x multipliers. The slot is labelled as having medium variance, which means that to reap its benefits one must be patient and perseverant.

    Just as most modern video slot games, Natural Powers is mobile-compatible allowing to play from any desktop, smartphone or tablet regardless of the operating system in use. Based on slot game review posts that are widely available on the net, it would be correct to sum them up by grading this slot machine with high popularity status. The feel of real-life slot definitely attracts fans of vintage machines ensuring a stable and firm audience. It’s viable and often payouts, as well as the lucrativeness of the slot in general grants it a stable place in the gaming arsenal of best online casino sites out there.

    Natural Powers Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Medium volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.4 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    400 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Just as mentioned above, in many aspects including the symbols within Natural Powers are underlining the vintage classic status of the slot machine. The non-inclusive list of symbols features:

    Natural Powers Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    • Power Ball – depending on the number of matching symbols in the reels (3 to 5) player gets from 10 to 100 multiplier of the stake on bet;
    • Earth of Ice – up to 300x multiplier;
    • Wing of Fire – with whopping 800x multiplier is one of the most sought symbols in the game;

    In order to see the exhaustive pay table players may access it directly in the game. A friendly design allows grasping the values quickly. In terms of gameplay, game has special symbols in use:

    • Wild – it triggers the Free Fall Symbols feature that is definitely the most lucrative option within this slot; Wilds may also behave as cascading by putting in use the Mystery feature replacing the symbols on reels;
    • Scatter –  is accounted when falling on first, third of fifth reel, triggers the free spin bonus game where the player has to choose one of the four basic elements to get a different amount of free spins;

    Special symbols and features they trigger will be described in details below.

    Natural Powers Free Spins & Bonuses

    The reasons behind the lucrativeness of this slot machine is the fact that it allows to win real money by offering to player a string of interesting features in use:

    • Scatters trigger the free spins bonus, players are offered to choose one of four elements in play, of which everyone contains a different number of spins:
    • Fire – 5 free spins with multiplier rate varying between 8x and 10x;
    • Wind – 8 free spins with multiplier varying between 4x and 10x;
    • Ice – 12 free spins, 3x – 5x multiplier;
    • Earth – 15 free spins, 2x – 4x multiplier.

    Interesting enough, the number of free spins is directly correlated with the multiplier in use, the higher the multiplier is, the lower the number of free spins awarded onto player’s account is;

    • Free Fall – feature already described above, it’s triggered by matching Wilds on reels; it is also worth mentioning the cascading nature of the Wilds’ behavior;

    Mystery Feature – different elements can override other elements replacing them with other ones falling, these being:

    • Wind can replace Fire and Ice symbols;
    • Fire can replace Wind and Earth symbols;
    • Earth has a specific type of behavior removing a random pattern of symbols from the reels;
    • Ice sets stable a random patters of symbols;

    Overall, quite interesting features that definitely add to the dynamicity of the gameplay. While bonuses falling, player may still focus on the game without keeping in mind and choosing nothing but the specific bonus type triggered by scatters. Game is easy to learn, however such specific bonus feature might require additional training with no risks involved, meaning demo games. Considering the widespread of the game, there is a plenty of resources offering such a possibility with no deposit and even registration required.

    How to Play

    Natural Powered is rated as having a low learning curve. It is a rare case when a classic slot requires previous training, however it’s better to do it since during the game player should be able to choose appropriate bonuses and define a strategy in general. Checking the exhaustive list of rules, trailers and a free play game is possible either directly on the official site of IGT, or on many other online casino sites platforms out there. In this way, all of the how to play related questions will be answered.

    Natural Powers Slot Machine - How to Play

    As soon as the rules are clear, the behavior of Wilds and the Mystery feature is no longer a surprise, it is high time choosing a casino and play for real money. Player should adjust the coin and bet size and proceed spinning, or using the Auto play option available to set a predefined number of spins.


    Today Natural Powers is a must for any casino powered by IGT Wager Works and can be surely found in the arsenal of any of them this being an excellent indicator of the popularity of the game. Countless players continue to enjoy it due to its high cash out potential, interesting blend of bonus features, interesting design and a dynamic gaming process – a guarantee it shall maintain it status quo on slot sites for a long time ahead.

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