Not Enough Kittens Slot Review

    Not Enough Kittens is a lovely Video Slot released by Thunderkick in 2017. It’s clear that the developers are crazy about kittens! But who is not touched when seeing them? If the spinners also share the interests of the developers, then they will take them straight to the P.U.S.S. facility.

    The keen professor will show you how to double up the adorable felines! Sounds weird, but it’s actually fun! Keep reading the slot review & find out how to play.

    The Slot Machine has:

    • 5 reels
    • 3 rows
    • 35 fixed paylines (from left to right)

    Once the user enters the facility, he/she can see a comfy room with a lot of kittens & balls of yarn. Cats of different colours & breeds are smiling and as if with a glance ask – “choose me!”. When a winning is gained, you can hear their contented meow and see how they wag their tails. That’s so cute! It can lift anyone’s mood! The background melody is satisfying & relaxing. The overall visuals are good.

    The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 96.1%. The Volatility is low/medium. The slot game is suitable for those, who don’t want to risk their bankroll. Small & medium sized cash prizes are guaranteed. The Big Wins will come not so often, but in really great amounts – up to x3 650 of the total bet! The machine functions with the help of a certified Random Number Generator (RNG).

    The user doesn’t need to deposit real money, in order to spend time with these perky creatures! He/she can play with them for free by accessing the demo version of the slot on many best online casinos. It is a 100% free play with no deposits & no registrations!

    Not Enough Kittens Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Medium volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.1 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    100 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Not Enough Kittens Slot contains 13 regular symbols: 4 single cats, 4 double cats & 5 balls of yarn. The cats pay high & the balls pay medium. In order to form a Winning Combination, at least 3 identical symbols must line up according to one of the fixed paylines. There are 30 ways to win!

    Not Enough Kittens Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Above all this, the slot can randomly generate a Winning Combination of 10 matching kittens! This will happen, if 5 double cat symbols line up from the far left. This is rare, but still possible & very rewarding!

    Game Symbols from the highest value to the lowest:

    • Black Kitten(s) Symbol
    • White Kitten(s) Symbol
    • Orange Kitten(s) Symbol
    • Grey Kitten(s) Symbol
    • Yellow Ball of Yarn Symbol
    • Orange Ball of Yarn Symbol
    • Pink Ball of Yarn Symbol
    • Purple Ball of Yarn Symbol
    • Blue Ball of Yarn Symbol

    The Black Kitten is the most valuable symbol. Probably, because it is the most pedigreed. If the bet is €100/spin (max), the payouts will be: 3 kittens – €60, 4 kittens – €150, 5 kittens – €350, 6 kittens – €750, 7 kittens – €1 500, 8 kittens – €3 000, 9 kittens – €5 000, 10 kittens – €10 000.

    The Blue Ball of Yarn is the lowest valuable symbol. The player will get: from 3 balls – €20, from 4 balls – €40, from 5 balls – €150.

    There are 2 types of special symbols, which trigger different bonus features:

    1. Regular Wilds & Double Wilds
    2. Regular Bonus Scatters & Double Scatters

    Not Enough Kittens Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    Not Enough Kittens is all about double symbols! Thunderkick developers decided to surprise their players and therefore created a slot, where both regular & special symbols can double up. In this way, the winnings & the chances of winning are increasing. It is hard to find similar slot games with such an interesting bonus strategy. Wilds & Free Spins are hanging around the P.U.S.S. facility!

    Slot’s Bonuses:

    • Wilds/Double Wilds/Stacked Wilds
    • Free Spins/Double Free Spins
    • Retriggers
    • Double Cat Symbols

    The regular Wild Symbol covers all the symbols, except the Bonus Scatters. When there is a combination of a Wild & a Cat, the single Cat will be doubled. Moreover, the Wild will be counted as doubled. Let’s see the WILD payouts!

    WILD payouts (bet €100/spin):

    • 4 Wilds = €150
    • 6 Wilds = €750
    • 8 Wilds = €3 000
    • 10 Wilds = €10 000

    The Bonus Scatter Symbol triggers Free Spins. The number of Free Spins depends on the number of grounded Scatters. During the bonus game, all Wilds are stacked. In addition, at least 3 Scatters give rise to a full retrigger!

    Free Spins:

    • 3 Scatters = 10 Free Spins
    • 4 Scatters = 15 Free Spins
    • 5 Scatters = 20 Free Spins
    • 6 Scatters = 25 Free Spins

    Now you can understand why the slot is called – Not Enough Kittens! The professor solved this problem as best she could, namely by multiplying kittens.

    How to Play

    The mechanism of this slot machine is pretty simple. The user doesn’t have to be a vet or a professor, in order to spin the reels. Spend a couple of minutes & become a trained roller! Adapt to the gameplay using the demo version on various slot sites.

    Not Enough Kittens Slot Machine - How to Play

    Firstly, be sure to check out the Game Rules. Each gaming provider has its own rules, so we should get acknowledged with them. There are no sophisticated terms, so you won’t even have time to get bored.

    Secondly, the user should place an appropriate bet size. Playing for real is a thing, thus rash bets are unwelcomed. The minimum bet is €0.10/spin. The maximum bet is €100/spin.

    Lastly, the player can start spinning by pressing the Spin button. The reels can be spun not just mechanically, but also automatically. Just set the Autoplay option & enjoy. The user can choose the number of autoplayed rounds – from 5 till 5000 rounds. The reels will stop, when the round counting will finish or when a feature is won (if chosen).

    It is a mobile-friendly slot! The game can be accessed via HTML5 web-browsers, like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc. It adapts to any screen size (smartphone/tablet).


    Not Enough Kittens is a Thunderkick product released in 2017. There are many themes with kittens or other animals, but such a bonus strategy has not been met yet. The main point is, that the symbols can be doubled, thus generating up to x3 650 of the user’s stake! Wilds, Free Spins & Full Retriggers are waiting for you. Join the enthusiastic professor & start to spin the reels together with her!  

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