Ozwins Jackpots Slot Review

    Ozwins Jackpots is a progressive video slot directed by Yggdrasil gaming software, provided with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Great design inspired by the Middle East and nice looking animations give this slot game an overall good impression.

    The Malta-based company is aiming to become a key player in the industry of online casino sites and has won several awards since its starting point in 2013.

    Despite its young age, Yggdrasil is represented in many major slot sites such as Voodoo Dreams, Sunmaker and Mr. Green. Normally, the user can only play a jackpot slot machine with real money, but many of the other games can be tried out and put through their paces without registration.

    Ozwins Jackpots can be played in five different categories, with Novice, Apprentice, Mystic, Wizard and Archmage not depending on the typical betting amount, but only varring in the colour of the balls required. The users of Ozwin’s Jackpots can anticipate an average of 13,707 EUR every 3 weeks. The highest prize paid out so far was 72,473 EUR. Here is a brief slot review about Ozwins Jackpot:

    • Highest win: 72,473€
    • Average profit: €13,707
    • Average time to win: 3 weeks and 18 hours
    • How often has the jackpot been hit: 90 times

    Ozwins Jackpots Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Medium volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.2 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    40 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The game includes five reels and three display lines, divided into 20 fixed display lines. Only the coin value can be adjusted between 0.01 EUR and 2.00 EUR, resulting in a total bet between 0.20 EUR and 40 EUR. The slot game uses coins as a replacement currency, but jackpots are always paid out in the local currency. Yggdrasil has set the slot’s RTP to 96.7%. That being an untypically high value for jackpot slot games that give users possibility to play with no deposit, making Ozwins Jackpots surely one of the best online casino games. The game provider has been very careful and created only eight symbols divided in two categories.

    Ozwins Jackpots Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The lower category is four card symbols.

    • Diamonds with 20 – 50 – 125,
    • Clubs with 20 – 60 – 150,
    • Spades with 25 – 70 – 175
    • Hearts with 25 – 75 – 200.

    In the upper category there are four theme associated symbols.

    • the magic potion with 40 – 175 – 750,
    • the magic indicator with 50 – 200 – 1,000,
    • the young novice with 60 – 225 – 2,000
    • the wise owl with 70 – 250 – 4,000.

    Apart from that, the user also obtains straight wins for various combinations, for example five free spins symbols that bring in 10,000 coins or five magic books that are also worth 10,000 coins, which apart from the jackpot is the highest payout of the machine.

    Ozwins Jackpots Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    Ozwins Jackpots Wheel possess numerous strategies to get one of the biggest prizes from slot games. Firstly, the user must activate Jackpot Free Spins and collect balls in this manner, whose colours correspond to the correlating Jackpot group. The Free Spins can be triggered in two distinct ways:

    • Collecting Free Spins symbols with scatter characteristics (not tied to paylines), where three, four or five of them will give 10 free spins each.
    • Collecting Free Spins crystals, which come in the same colors as the jackpot balls and of which the user needs five for a prize consisting of 10 Free Spins and a ball of the corresponding color. The crystals are collected in a particularly created row above the actual playing field.

    The chance of entering the free spins round and thus winning one of the five jackpots increases proportionally with the amount of the stake. Whoever plays with the highest stake has the best chances, but theoretically all jackpots can be won with the lowest stake.

    All categories are progressive jackpots, and the pool is independent. 3.4% of the stake is paid into the pot each round, with the Archmage category receiving the highest share. The amount of jackpots is not limited and it is possible that lower categories overtake higher ones. The stake does not determine the jackpot, only the chance of winning. After emptying, the jackpots are reset to the following values:

    • Novice – 40 EUR
    • Apprentice – 200 EUR
    • Mystic – 600 EUR
    • Wizard – 1000 EUR
    • Archmage – 2500 EUR

    The game offers a bonus game that is triggered by collecting at least three spellbook symbols. Here the user can choose from 18 locked books until the user either clears all prizes or uncovers the devilish spell. Behind the books the user can hide instant prizes or crystals.

    How to Play

    Ozwins Progressive Jackpots should be played with a good prepared plan in order to win. Here are the four tricks that will help the user do that.

    Ozwins Jackpots Slot Machine - How to Play

    • Trick #1 – set the budget

      Sometimes happens that from mobile the user bet a little more than thought in the first place. That’s why the user should always set a credit limit before the play, so that he/she knows exactly how much money you want to spend.

    • Trick #2 – First try the online free play

      At the online casino, the user has the occasion to play for free, before dealing with real money, which in turn helps a lot in improving the game’s tactic and is also a possibility to avoid bigger losses.

    • Trick #3 : Ozwins Progressive Jackpots Spins with higher stakes

      When the user plays the slot, he/she will eventually end up placing higher stakes. However, it is not always the case that these will also bring a higher profit. The user can try firstly to play with very low stakes until he/she gets a feel for the game.

    • Trick #4: Even smaller bets can be attractive

      The user should set a limit before the play, which is not only based on the credit balance. This is because many players spend hours trying to hit the jackpot with smaller bets. Although this is possible, the user should think twice and set its own time limit so in order to have control on the game process. These Ozwins jackpot tricks should be considered by beginners as they are the most common ones to fall into the trap.


    Ozwins Jackpots Winners have a multitude of ways to receive prizes. In summary, the game is very interesting and definitely worth playing. The design with the crystals and the two different ways to win the jackpots are also compelling. A big advantage is the fact that the user can play the demo version of Ozwin’s jackpots online for free before trying for real money and so learn the basics of the game. But when the player chooses an online casino as a provider, then it is achievable to get a lot of benefits that can lead to a larger profit.

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