Quick Hit Platinum Slot Review

    Quick Hit Platinum is a video slot famous in both its physical and online versions, produced by Bally. The game is a spin-off of what became a franchise, with several versions, including the Pro, the Las Vegas, and Gold versions.

    The 5-reels slot machine conquered so many players that people even refer to it instead of saying they were going to play slot games. Back when it was produced, the slot game was considered a state-of-the-art production in terms of its structure, counting on reliable RNG software in the online version and physically built on the ALPHA 2 Pro Stepper platform.

    This slot review focuses on the online flash version that counts with the same characteristics, including 30 payment lines and an affordable coin range ranging from 1 to 10 cents only. While that makes winnings leverage slowly, the availability of great bonuses on the game can definitely speed things up a bit, and players can still bet up to 600 credits at once.

    Considering that it is a huge hit among players on slot sites, even with an RTP of 94.06%, it is at least worth knowing the game.

    Quick Hit Platinum Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Medium volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.3 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    450 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Even though Quick Hit Platinum is a modern game with 5 reels and free spins, it carries symbols that appeal to the nostalgia of classic slots. The highlights are, of course, the BAR symbols, cherries, the 1-3 7s in one symbol, and of course, the bonus game symbol.

    Quick Hit Platinum Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Enthusiastic of the franchise usually do not even bother if their spin results in one of the two or high paying symbols, as there is more to the game than simple combinations. Every spin is a spiral of excitement, perfectly mixing the spirit of the classic games with all the features online casino sites can provide these days, multiplying all winnings.

    As expected, there is a Wild symbol that can help any combination other than those, including the game logo or the bonus. With only 2 Wilds or more, players are also awarded relevant winnings, as it alone constitutes a paying symbol, too.

    Apart from those symbols, those that carry the logo of the game are the best in terms of winnings. The Platinum version can provide winnings up to 5,000x the stake, and the regular version up to 2,000x. That is not the result of a single 3-symbol combination, but rather finding up to 9 of them in a spin. As if that was not enough, there are bonuses within the game.

    Quick Hit Platinum Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    There is a special bonus symbol that is easily identifiable, although not that common to appear in numbers of 3 or more. It only appears on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. Therefore, if you are lucky enough, you receive your stake back in winnings and get a free play on the bonus round.

    The player will get some bonus 100% of the time, but the possibilities vary, and the player receives whichever option is found three times first:

    • 5 free spins + 2x multiplier
    • 7 free spins + 2x multiplier
    • 10 free spins + 2x multiplier
    • 11 free spins + 2x multiplier
    • 15 free spins + 2x multiplier
    • 20 free spins + 3x multiplier

    In addition to having your winnings multiplied and several rounds without paying a penny, players also get the chance of revealing a mysterious Wild box. Its special effect adds 5 more free spins to those the player already has. Fortunately, the maximum of 25 free spins on that triggering effect is not all players can get. Players can receive up to 50 free spins by triggering them during the bonus rounds.

    Finally, do not forget the Scatter symbols with the logo can still appear during the feature to provide the biggest possible wins.

    How to Play

    Quick Hit Platinum is quite straightforward despite all those bonuses featured on the game. They happen automatically after the spin, which is the only button players need to push. First, adjust the total bet to make sure it is enough to support your total funds. That is pretty much it, regardless of if the player is playing the fun mode or for real money.

    Quick Hit Platinum Slot Machine - How to Play

    Since there is not much to learn on how to play the game, players can simply leave it on AutoPlay mode. If they win the special feature, that is the only moment when some extra interaction is necessary. After all, players will most probably want to manually give their luck the chance to receive up to 25 free spins and the x3 multiplier!

    Other than that, it is important to play with a browser that supports the game. Fortunately, it is easy to determine, whether with the computer or a mobile device, if there is a player that supports it. The best online casino chosen by the player will also most probably provide the latest version and instructions on how to open the game, if necessary.

    Best Strategy to Play Quick Hit Platinum

    The best possible strategy is to balance the total credits available while playing and wait for the benefit of the bonus rounds. Some players are lucky enough to receive them in sequence or right after starting to spin. As there are no guarantees in games of luck, that resilience is important to try the jackpot of 5,000x the bet.

    Although it is called a jackpot on the game, it is not given randomly and requires the combination of the best symbols. Players who want to know how that works prior to playing can choose the demo version on the slot sites. However, they should know that, although unlimited, that option does not result in real winnings.

    As an alternative, it is always possible to find a no deposit bonus code that can help them play for free and collect winnings at the same time. Only keep an eye on the wagering requirements, as the conditions vary and might be too demanding.


    Quick Hit Platinum combines elements of the classic slots just enough to add that nostalgic feeling to an already enthusiastic game. It counts on incredible symbols that can pay up to 5,000x the total bet, although its RTP of 94.06% does not really add anything to its value. Fortunately, things change when players discover they can get up to 50 free spins in a round.

    In addition to those spins, special Wilds that pay for combinations of only 2 symbols and multipliers up to x3 can definitely help change even the lowest game. Talking about ranges, low and high rollers can both find their ways into the game, as the total stake can vary a lot.

    Definitely, the best possible scenario is to accumulate all free spins and get optimal winnings multiplied by 3 for dozens of rounds. To get there, players are advised to follow the standard strategy of managing their bankroll and sustaining their funds. Definitely worth playing, at least to know what others are always talking about.

    Pros & Cons


    • Free Spins Feature
    • AutoPlay Mode
    • Wild Symbol
    • Scatter Symbol
    • Fixed Jackpot


    • No Gamble Feature
    • Below Average RTP
    • Not HTML5
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