Sweet Alchemy Slot Review

    Sweet Alchemy is a sugary Video Slot cooked by Play’n GO in 2018. It seems that the developers have a sweet tooth, as there are tons of sweets in this slot game. Candies, chocolates, jellies & other sweet-stuff overfill the grid.

    This world of sweets is created by a cute lady in pink. She is an alchemist, but she does not turn copper into gold. She can make sweets out of nothing. Only 2 things are needed – a spell book & a cauldron. Isn’t it awesome?  

    The Slot Machine has:

    • 5 reels
    • 5 rows
    • 1 payline
    • 9 reels & 9 rows during Free Spin

    The visuals are very impressive. It feels like we’re at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory or more like in a Candy Crush dimension. The player can hear the lady’s voice, because she keeps saying something, when a bonus game is triggered or when a winning is gained. Even her voice is sweet!   

    The Return to Player (RTP) is 96%. The Volatility is 9 (low/medium level). These indicators show that the player will get a lot of small wins. But it doesn’t mean that the Big Wins won’t come. The maximum win exposure in Sweet Alchemy is 3000 coins! The candy machine functions with the help of a certified Random Number Generator (RNG).

    The player can taste some goodies without paying anything by accessing the demo version of the slot. It is an absolutely free play. No deposits needed. The demo slot can be found on many online casino sites. Also, the game trailer is available on Play’n GO’s official slot site.  

    Sweet Alchemy Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Play ‘N Go
    High volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.1 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    100 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The Sweet Alchemy Slot is a 5×5 grid, which is filled with regular symbols – candies. There are 4 high-paying symbols & 4 low-paying symbols. Each confection has different colors and tastes. In order to generate a win, a cluster of at least 4 matching symbols must be formed.

    The highest valuable symbol is the Yellow Star Candy Symbol. The star has the following values of the Winning Combinations (bet – €100):

    • 4 symbols = €150
    • 5 symbols = €300
    • 6 symbols = €600
    • 7 symbols = €1200
    • 8+ symbols = €3000

    Sweet Alchemy Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The blue donut-like candy has the lowest value. If a cluster of 4 symbols is formed, the player will get €10. If a cluster of 6 symbols – €40. If a cluster of 8+ symbols – €200.

    Also, there are 3 types of Wild symbols during the base game, which have unique features. The Wilds are: regular Wild, Stripped Wild & Dotted Wild.

    Jewel Box Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    Compared to other grid-style slot games, Sweet Alchemy is jam-packed with a lot of bonus games & features. It is awe-inspiring how all these bonuses could fit into one slot.

    Slot’s Bonuses:

    • Sugar Rush Meter (Wilds)
    • Mix the Elixir Free Round (Candy Spells)
    • Elixir of Power Bonus (Multipliers)
    • Map Feature (Treasure Chests)

    The Sugar Rush Meter is placed below the alchemist’s cauldron. The Rush Meter will be charged, when any cluster is structured. The more the counter is loaded – more Wilds will pop up on the reels.

    • a quarter charged (6 winning symbols) – 2 regular Wilds
    • a half charged (13 winning symbols) – 2 Striped Wilds
    • three quarters charged (25 winning symbols) – 2 Dotted Wilds
    • fully charged (38 winning symbols) – Mix the Elixir Free Round

    Let’s see what the Wilds do! The regular Wild covers the usual symbols. The Striped Wild wipes out all symbols in a row or column, allowing new candies to fall. The Dotted Wild gets rid of all the symbols of a single type, thus allowing new candies to fill the grid. All types of Wilds increase the chances of succeeding!

    The Mix the Elixir Free Round is triggered, when 38 winning symbols hit in one spin. During this round, the grid expands to 9 rows & 9 reels. The feature contains 3 Candy Spells. In order to cast an additional spell, 3 extra winning symbols must be added to the Bonus Meter (up to a maximum of 7 Free Spins).

    Candy Spells:

    • Sweet Surprise (7-12 different wilds appear)
    • Sugar Bombs (7-15 symbols are blown up)
    • Mixed Candy (entire grid is shuffled)

    The Elixir of Power Bonus is a bonus game triggered after the Free Spins. Before the game is activated, the user accumulates some star levels. These levels influence the prize values hidden behind the chocolate bar. Turn one square at a time and find 3 identical elixirs. The color of the elixir & the Prize Level determine the Total Win Multiplier (from x2 up to x10).

    The Map Feature comes after finishing the Elixir of Power Bonus. The player will advance to the next level & will get a scattered Treasure Chest, which contains 15% of the winnings from the past level.

    How to Play

    Sweet Alchemy has a complex bonus strategy, but when it comes to playing – it’s pretty simple. CasinoCredo’s slot review is there to help anyone!

    Sweet Alchemy Slot Machine - How to Play

    How to Play Tips:

    • Look over Game Rules & Game Bar
    • Choose a right bet size
    • Spin or Autoplay

    The 1st step is clear. It is recommended, in order to get acknowledged with the slot, especially newbies & slot amateurs.

    The next step is to choose a suitable bet size. The most important rule is to not get carried away by bets. Excessive bet size can lead to serious consequences. So, decide carefully! The minimum bet is €0.10/spin. The maximum bet is €100/spin.

    The last step is to press the Spin button or fix the Autoplay settings. The user can set the number of plays (10, 20, 50, 75 or 100) & when the Autoplay must stop. When an indicator exceeds the established amount, the Autoplay will stop immediately.

    The Play’n GO creators have designed a mobile version of Sweet Alchemy. It works well! No bugs. Make sure the Internet connection is good. Open the best online casino site via mobile’s web-browser and enjoy! The recommended browsers are: Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer. The supported OS are: Windows, iOS, Android, Linux (in case the player uses a casino app).   


    Sweet Alchemy is the most sugar-coated Video Slot released by Play’n GO in 2018. At first sight, the game will confuse you, but after a few spins you will fall in love with it! This is one of the top grid-style slots with really unique & rewarding features. When the grid expands, a high blood sugar level is guaranteed. Deposit real money & win up to €300 000!

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