Wolf Run Slot Review

    The evolution of slot machines has started long ago somewhere at the end of the 19th century. Next step was the appearance of first video slots in mid 1970s. Wolf Run slot has firstly appeared in a real casino closer to the end of 80s, and it was possible to find in real casino establishments until 2012, when this game was released for Windows and MacOS. So, IGT’s sole developer has used the idea to release this video slot almost 10 years ago in mid-2012.

    Since that time, the game is easy to find in all online casino sites powered by this provider. Despite such an overwhelming presence, recent slot review posts dedicated to it show a decrease in interest and popularity for it, which is not a surprise. Effectively, the game is not just basic, but rather primitive. Some reviews even mentioned that the only thing, that makes it unique, is an absolute lack of any sort of unique features, new approaches, great animation and sound effects, an interesting scenario, etc. During the gaming process there is nothing to expect from it than the basic features that can be found literally in any other slot, both in term of game play and controls.

    The slot does not have the progressive option, no auto play is possible to set, no quick spin, no double option, etc. The slot isn’t mobile friendly, it can be accessed only from desktop or laptop platforms run on Windows or MacOS – this is probably one of the greatest reasons of its standing decrease on the market, since the slot isn’t that bad per se.

    If one forgets about the aforementioned criteria, one could enjoy the process as it does exactly what a real slot machine can do – allow winning a cash prize. With an average level return to player index (hereinafter, RTP) of 94.98% and volatility labelled as high, any player has the opportunity to play and win per spin.

    Apparently, there are quite many people who still enjoy playing this game, be it due to its simplicity or nostalgia. For those who would be interested in testing it in free play demo mode before investing hard earned cash, there are many possibilities to do it, firstly on the official site of IGT.

    Wolf Run has 5 reels with 40 pay lines. There isn’t any sophisticated thematic focus in this game, the slot is designed with reference to shamans and wolves. Game uses coins for in-game purposes, their size ranges from 1 to 20 US dollars, the maximum bet size if 800 coins.

    Generally, the game might turn very lucrative and generate an impressive cash out of up to as much as 40 000 coins. On a max coins seize and bet level, player would win as much as 800 000 US dollars, that is almost a million bucks, which is significantly outgoing the payouts potentially generated by slots by other famous providers, such as NetEnt, MicroGaming, Thunderkick and others.

    The game is incredible simple and requires no strategy to play and win. Even a novice, with little or no prior experience in playing slot games can easily grasp the idea and start generating payouts.

    Modern slots are imposing harsh, rigorous standards in order to remain competitive. Beautiful graphics and carefully thought sound effects, tons of bonus features to keep the player interested – none of these is about this particular slot. However, it offers the thrill of playing and impressive payouts, fact that makes it available on many best online casino sites in their niche.

    Wolf Run Slot Machine - Free Demo Play or For Real Money

    Low volatility
    Wilds Symbol
    Progressive Jackpot
    Random Jackpot
    0.4 (£, €, $, С$)
    Min bet
    800 (£, €, $, С$)
    Max bet
    3D Graphics

    Symbols and Winning Combinations

    Wolf Run is equipped with a standard set of 8 regular symbols and 2 special symbols. Regular symbols include. Six of those are represented by cards’ symbols and can offer to the player a reward from 5x to 150x of the stake on bet, these being represented as shown below:

    • A for Ace
    • K for King
    • Q for Queen
    • J for Jack
    • 10
    • 9

    Wolf Run Slot Game Symbols and Winning Combinations

    The remaining symbols are the high paid values and generate a profit of up to impressive 400x of the stake on bet.:

    • A wolf watching the player in the eyes
    • An owl-looking alike creature
    • A vermin-looking alike creature

    It is worth mentioning that the design of symbols is one of the reasons for players complaining about game’s primitiveness. The non-cards symbols are hardly distinguishable, the images are unclear, while the cards’ symbols are drawn in some basic font. The general impression of the game screen is nonetheless acceptable.

    Aside from basic game symbols, Wolf Run is packed with Wilds (taking the function of Staked Wilds), 2 different bonus symbols as well as free spins rounds. These symbols are:

    • Wild – a howling wolf with a fool moon background
    • Scatter – a dream catcher with Bonus word engraved on it, pops up on any reel except for the first and last ones

    Wolf Run Slot Game – Free Spins & Bonuses

    The set of bonus features within this slot game is fairly basic. Here players will find all of the features usually present in slots – Wild, Scatter, free spins and basic bonus. There are no special features that would somehow make this slot stand out of the crowd. Namely, these features include:

    • Scatters, when being at least 3 in number will offer 5 free spins with 2x multiplier
    • Wilds can behave as stacked, thus multiplying the chances to get a real money win

    How to Play

    Given Wolf Run is one of the most weakly slots from features’ perspective, its game scenario hardly leaves any questions about how to play it. Any player with prior experience with slots would immediately grasp the rules. Still, those who do not have such experience may test the game in a risk free manner, with no deposit and even registration easily as many slot sites offer such a possibility.

    Wolf Run Slot Machine - How to Play

    After the details about the game are clear, player may pick up a site to play this game for money, adjust the coin and bet size and proceed playing.


    Based on multiple reviews dedicated to Wolf Run, it would be correct to say that game has a controversial reputation. Many slots’ enthusiasts complain that the game is too primitive to be able to stand out in the crowd of colorful, well thought and brilliantly designed slot machines. Lack of mobile compatibility is also a considerable issue given the widespread of mobile devices operated by Android, Windows and iOS. IGT has lost a considerable of this game’s audience due to lack of mobile support. To reiterate and summarize most feedbacks in a nutshell, these come as follows:


    • Basic features’ set, no interesting traits
    • Old-fashioned, 8-bit alike design of symbols, some symbols’ images are hard to distinguish
    • Sounds’ effects library is sparse, same effects often start becoming annoying after a while
    • Mid-range RTP of 94.98%


    • The slot still has a small, but keen army of lovers, such as the older generation players who do remember this game as a real–life slot machine somewhere in Vegas, and people who enjoy old-school style games
    • Fairly lucrative payment scheme – it could generate an impressive cash out of up to as much as 40 000 coins – with bet set at maximum player would win as much as 800 000 US dollars; feedbacks from players state that bonus features pop up fairly often
    • Max possible simplicity, even a person with no prior experience in playing slots can quickly grasp the game and start winning money.
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